Pre-Course Self study material:- Fire Safety Advisor (FSA)

These pre-course study materials are provided to assist learners that are new to the FSA role or learners with existing skills and knowledge who wish to refresh their FSA accreditation.

Click each of the pre-course links below. No need to print or hand the materials in, but feel free to read & reference during the course and ask your trainer if there are any questions. Reading the pre-course study materials, will enable learners to better understand the legislative requirements of the QLD BFSR 2008 & MP 6.1 and the obligations for Owner Occupiers to ensure that they meet these requirements. 

For learners with prior training or work experience in the course, the provided pre-course study may be completed as a refresher of their existing skills and knowledge.

In class, your trainer will ensure and check that all learners have the required knowledge and skills for completing the course and are confident to apply their skills in a workplace settings while meeting current industry standards.

Enjoy your FSA journey.

Patrick Hall
CEO, Australian Fire Protection